Oxford County GOP Scholarship




“The Oxford County  GOP will be offering a $500.00 scholarship to that high school, prep school, trade school or home-schooled Oxford County resident student, seeking a post high school education in a four-year college, two-year college or trade school who our Scholarship Committee feels best exemplifies Republican values and ideals.

All students who submit applications for this scholarship will be judged on the following criteria: non-academic achievements, level of school related activity involvement, level of community involvement, leadership responsibilities and academic performance; they also must submit at least two (2) letters of support and indicate their level of desire to become involved in future public service. All applicants will also be required to submit a composition expressing what they have accomplished in the furtherance of Republican values.

Candidates will be required to have submitted their applications, and to have them received by me, no later than Monday, March 31. All applications will then be evaluated by our Scholarship Committee with the winner being notified by May 1. The winning applicant will also be asked to attend our May full Oxford County meeting, currently scheduled to occur on May 8, at which time the scholarship will be awarded with his/her family present. The actual monies representing the scholarship will eventually be awarded once that recipient has presented to the Scholarship Committee his/her first semester freshman grades.

A scholarship form can be obtained from your Guidance Counselor or by requesting one from me at P.O. Box #243, Norway, ME 04268.”


Thomas H. L. Curtis


Finance Chairman


Oxford County Republican Committee


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